Kingston Small, Esq.



Born and raised in Montana, Kingston started a career as a Microbiologist in Bozeman, Montana. He spent 2 years working benchtop science before entering law school. In law school, he focused studies to intellectual properties topics with a goal to combine his science experience with the law. Upon completing Law School, Kingston was admitted to Washington bar and later the Montana bar.
To increase experience with trial and court practice, he joined with the office of public defender in Billings, MT. For over two years, he spent nearly every day in court gaining significant experience in the area of courtroom litigation. He worked on adult criminal cases, juvenile criminal cases, guardian ad litem for third party custody case, and dependency cases for the parents and the children.
Kingston has worked on patent litigation and trademark cases in Washington. Kingston has also handled transfer of assets and business transactions cases. Throughout all of this time, Kingston has maintained significant contact with professionals of the scientific community both in academia and industry. He has also worked on contract review and revision.


Bachelors of Science in Microbiology, Montana State University
Juris Doctorate, New England Law Boston

Areas of Practice

Patent, Copyright, Trademark, Trade Secret, Contracts, Business Transactions, Criminal, Juvenile, Dependency.

Fighting for Washington families and our client's goals with passion and tenacity